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06. август 2012.

Korisne IDEJE

Ideja za praktično rešenje prostora sa mašinama za pranje i sušenje veša i smeštajem usisivača,  deterdženata, krpa...

A stacking washer and dryer are great for smaller spaces and make room for a built-in ironing board and additional storage — household cleaning supplies, central vac hose and broom closet.:

utility room:

Spotted in Chatelaine: GRUNDTAL drying racks used to turn a laundry room into the ultimate functional space.:

30 incredible interior decorating inspirations we got from Ikea:


DIY Washer  Dryer Pedestal - I would have to do this if we do front loaders again:

Cabinet color, and also an idea for not using pedestals if we decide not to stack.. varied counter hieghts:

Lavanderia | NEVER Run a Washer Cleaning Cycle Again!!! | Permanently Eliminate or Prevent Washer Odor with Washer Fan™ Breeze™ | WasherFan.com | Installs in Seconds... No Tools Required!  #WasherOdor  #SWS  #Laundry:

Apparently Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer Pedestals cost anywhere between $300-$500 for a pair. I think I will just build one out of wood for way less.:



8a8b16a9ca3087ef996bc2b49ac9e7a3.JPG (297×446):

I really like this idea for my utility room.  My husband can come right in off the garage and wash his hands.  Love the stackable washer and dryer, too!:

Good thinking. I would so build a shelf on top of the washer/dryer for the next house..Home with Baxter: House Tour - Week 5 - Half Bath/ Laundry Room Reveal!:

Evo kako oprati patike u veš mašini a da ne prave buku.

Shower Pocket Organizer | DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas on a Budget | DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces:


Take a IKEA kitchen island and attach an ironing board. Great space saving storage and the perfect spot to also fold laundry.:

Folding ironing board cabinet; 2-Basket Cottage-Style Ironing Board from Through the Country Door®:

Idea de almacenamiento:

Super efficient--and stunning--dish storage from British bespoke furniture company. You'll find them here: http://www.setyard.co.uk/:  

Rezultat slika za praktische ideen

Rezultat slika za praktische ideen

18 Super Practical Ideas For Dish Organizers To Stop The Mess In The Kitchen

20+ Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen:

A Cabinet Door Wastebasket | 33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs:

ZIDNE POVRŠINE'-prostor za ostavljanje sitnica 

Rezultat slika za DECO huis

Rezultat slika za DECO huis

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Rezultat slika za DECO huis

Rezultat slika za DECO huis

Rezultat slika za DECO huis
Rezultat slika za DECO huis


A set of rustic organizers brings order to even the most unruly tangle of necklaces and statement earrings. #etsy:

jewelry organizer, Go To www.likegossip.com to get more Gossip News!:



for bracelets/watches:


Sveće u teglama



Burlap Coffee Canister | DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces | Click for Tutorial | DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas by melva:

I had no idea how to make bows before this. Super clear, step-by-step directions and pictures.:


Garage maintenance ideas http://www.pinterest.com/avivbeber3/garage-hardware-and-maintenance-tips/:

Idea for cord hanging:

Cord-Keeper Handle | cut the dowel to length, drill a hole through its center, form a loop with the rope, pass the ends through the dowel, and tie a knot. The keeper makes a great handle for carrying and can be used as a hook for hanging the coiled cord.:

http://www.woodesigner.net provides excellent guidance as well as tips to woodworking:

I could absolutely see something like this in our new garage... might need to modify the design for all of DH's attachments, but this definitely screams "Man Cave" - my guy's style to me.:






ballerinas o badanas para después de las 12:


+ #seat #wood:

We love seeing leather in all shapes and forms, check out what we found by an amazing restoration of a Frank Reenskaug chair.  What do you think? We love it!  http://bit.ly/1kjqvOW:

Best Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Home:

Dubbelvikta läderhandtag har blivit omåttligt populära senaste tiden. Framförallt på köksskåp....:

Not just for paper? // Do It:

DIY Towel hanger #towel #organization:

Shelfs which are hanging on the ropes. Great idea! 15 stunning home decor ideas - Your Dream Home:



Ukapajte par kapi mirisa na unutrašnju stranu toilet papira i imaćete neko vreme ugodan miris u toaletu ili kupatilu

Rezultat slika za DECO huis

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genius. GENIUS:

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